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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 
2 Timothy 1:7

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Church Family,


We hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy. We pray for you all and hope you have been able to connect with our online worship services Sunday mornings on YouTube


We appreciate your prayers and continued financial support for the church. We have been able to cut some utility costs because of the church office being closed down. However, we have also needed to make some upgrades and new purchases for our media department to produce quality video for you all to enjoy. Each week, our team gets better & better and I know you all appreciate their efforts. 


As we still see cases increase in Fort Bend County, the County Judge has put us in the "Red Alert" level as of today. This means that public gatherings are strongly discouraged and masks are required. While churches are exempt from some of these requirements, we also want to protect our congregation from the spread. We have already had one confirmed case of a church member with COVID-19 and several others that were tested, but came back negative. 


Our leadership is united in the desire to return to worship, but only when it is safe to do so. Therefore, we will continue our online-only services at least until 8/2. We are regularly watching the numbers and listening to the health-care leaders especially during this time, so as not to endanger anyone in our congregation. 


We plan on resuming our Wednesday night services on Wednesday, 9/9. This is dependent upon how things are going in Richmond/Rosenberg, availability of workers for our Royal Rangers & Girls Ministry classes, and the willingness of people to gather again in person. 


I know we are ready for life to return to normal. However, I also feel that the Lord's return may be just around the corner. Now is the time to have conversations with friends & family members about their faith. The Day of the Lord is nearer than ever before and I sense that in our current events. Be bold in your faith and pray for God to open doors of conversation with loved ones. 


We love you all and encourage you to use you RightNow media subscription to continue growing in your faith. Email us if you need the invite to it and we'll gladly set you up. If you use it, you will grow. 


Looking forward,
Pastor Jason Frazier

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hello Friendship Church Family,

This past Sunday, we announced that our church services and events will return to online-only effective immediately. We will be online-only through Sunday, July 12, 2020. After July 12 we will reevaluate and update you on a week-by-week basis.

We will be Live Streaming to our YouTube Channel on Sundays at 10:30am:
We encourage you to text the link to a friend or share it on social media. In this time of fear, a message of hope is what people desperately need.

Our church staff has been asked to work from home during these next few weeks. If you need to contact us, please do so via email:
General Inquiries:
Youth Ministry:
Kids Ministry:
Media/Online Ministry/Communications:
Senior Pastor:

Please pray for our community and our government leaders, that God would give them wisdom during this time. We look forward to regathering with you in the near future!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Church family,

The Governor has updated the state based on upward trends of our current situation fighting the virus. Churches are exempted from forcing all guests to wear protective face coverings. While they are not required, they are highly recommended if you attend church services for the next two Sundays. We have plenty of adult-size face masks at the church, but you are welcome to bring your own. If you are sick or in an “at risk” category, please stay home and watch the service online.

We love you all and trust for God’s wisdom & grace to help us get through this challenging time. Pray for one another, for our government leaders, and for healing in our nation.

Looking forward,
Pastor Jason

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hi Friendship Church Family!


We resume in-person church services this Sunday, 5/24 at 10:30am. If you are unable to attend, visit the church website ( for ways to watch online. Since we're not yet resuming nursery & kids ministry, we will have activity bags for the kids. It might be a little more rowdy than normal with the kids in the sanctuary, but we'll have a great day. Read Luke 16:19-31 in preparation for Pastor Jason's message entitled, "He Who Dies With the Most Toys, Still Dies."



Sunday, 5/31 at 10:30am, we will recognize our high school and college graduates. We are aware of four high school and one college graduate. If you or someone in your family graduated, email us so we can make sure to recognize you! Also, please email your graduation photo to Naomi Mesa, 



From Pastor Jason: "We have endured such a unique time in the history of our country and our church. Since mid-March, our church staff has stepped up, adapted, and overcome so many challenges to continue producing quality ministry resources and maintaining (and disinfecting) the facility. Would you pick up some "Thank You" cards and write encouraging notes to our staff members that have gone WAY above and beyond during this time? We'd like to take a few minutes during our service on 5/31 to show our thanks to them for their outstanding work." 

     Pastor Vincent Collier: Youth & Worship Ministry

     Pastor Anna Collier: Children's Ministry

     Naomi Mesa: Communications and Media

     Angie Villaloboz: Church Administrator and Bookkeeper

     Rick Williams: Facility Maintenance and Repair

     Vicki Garcia: Admin Assistant and Disinfector General



We plan on resuming Wednesday services in August. Until then, watch Pastor Jason & Angela Live Stream a Bible study on our Church Facebook page every Wednesday @ 7:30pm. 



Below are the links to our FB Page, YouTube page, Youth Ministry resources, and Children's Ministry resources. If you need to reach us, you can call the church number at 281-341-1300 or email us at and we'll get back with you as quickly as we can. 

Fearless Youth Instagram
Fearless Youth YouTube 

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hi Friendship Church Family!


Here are some important announcements about upcoming events and our church re-opening:

DAVE ROEVER, 5/17 @ 10:30am

Join us for a very special online service, hosting Vietnam veteran and Minister, Dave Roever. He was wounded by a phosphorus grenade which damaged a significant part of his body. Yet God saved his life and his soul. He prepared a special message for our church and we know you'll be blessed. Tune in by 10:30am at our online service https://FriendshipChurch.Online.Church or watch it later (and share it) from our church's YouTube page.

NIGHT OF WORSHIP, 5/17 @ 7pm

We're having a special Drive-In Night of Worship at our church facility this Sunday night. Park on the office side entrance and enjoy a special time of worship and seeing familiar faces from a safe distance.


It's the moment we've been waiting two months for! We still plan on live-streaming our Sunday service, but we will open the church facility back up for Sunday, 5/24. It will be different than normal, as we're having to navigate government recommendations to ensure all our church-goers remain healthy and safe. Here are some of the major changes: 

  • Because kids can't maintain the 6 foot distance rule, we will not have nursery, preschool, or any children's ministry services. We will have coloring pages and activities for them to help you during the service. As such, we will try our best to keep the church service to 60 minutes. 

  • We will not have Sunday School or any 9am classes. If you attended the Adult Sunday School class, we will provide a book for you to continue your studies. 

  • When you arrive, we ask that you not linger in the foyer. Donuts and coffee will not be available. Take a bulletin, coloring sheet - for the kids only, please ;-) , face mask if you desire one, and any other materials from a table in the foyer, and go directly to your seat. There will be dedicated entrances and exits to limit proximity. 

  • Every other row will be blocked off to provide ample space to spread out. Families should sit together as there will not be a youth section. 

  • We recommend no handshakes, hugs, or physical contact. Even if you are not concerned about getting exposed, please respect others and give each other space. As one person put it: "Love thy neighbor - Sterilize thy hands." A wave, smile, and a contact-less greeting are appropriate for a couple more weeks. 

  • Ushers will have offering bags at the exits for those who wish to give in the offering. 


Because Texas is still recommending limiting groups and proximity, we will not have Wednesday night services until August. We encourage you to use the online resources we're making available. Pastor Jason and Angela do a Wednesday night Bible Study at 7:30pm on our church Facebook page. Pastor Vincent provides Youth Ministry resources. Pastor Anna is producing devotional resources for all ages of kids. Make sure to watch, interact, and share them on your pages to encourage others. 


This is the perfect season to use that subscription the church pays for! You've heard Pastor Jason say it plenty of times: this is a great tool for your personal discipleship. If you need a free subscription, email us at and we'll send you the invite. When you start reading a book of the Bible, watch some videos that help explain it so you'll get more out of it!


Thank you to all of you who have continued to support the church ministry during the past two months. Our Church Staff has been hard at work to continue producing quality ministry resources for you and your family. These videos have travelled around the world. We've heard from many of our missionary partners of their gratitude for Friendship Church's partnership and support. So thank you for giving! The Gospel is being preached around the globe because of it. 


For the rest of May, the office is open Monday and Tuesday from 8:30-4:30. We anticipate the office reopening to its normal schedule in June of Monday-Thursday, 8:30-4:30. The office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day.


Looking Forward,
Pastor Jason Frazier

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Hi Friendship Church Family!

If you were watching the news yesterday, you probably saw Governor Abbott's press conference about opening up the state of Texas and what that means for local businesses, but also what it means for church.

I assure you we definitely want to come back together as a church family and we're ready for it. However, coming back this early exposes some of our most vulnerable church members to the risk of infection. And from what we know of our history with pandemics, we have to make sure that we are acting in the best interest of all of our church members.

So while we are very ready to come back together and resume church services, we will plan on remaining "online only" through Sunday, May 17, 2020.

Our Mother's Day celebration on Sunday, May 10 will be online

Our guest speaker, Dave Roever, on Sunday, May 17 will be online.

The earliest we would be coming back together as a church family is late May or early June.

We ask you to remain in prayer, keep watching & engaging with the videos, and keep sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with others. We miss you all and we are praying for you!

Looking Forward,

Pastor Jason Frazier





Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Hi Friendship Church Family!

QUARANTINE: The government has extended the "stay-at-home" executive order through April 30 which means May 3rd would be the soonest we could have Sunday morning service at the church facility. 

NEEDS: If you have a financial or practical need that we can meet, we want to help. These are extraordinary times and we have all been impacted by them. If you need groceries, supplies, toiletries, or have other needs, please don't let pride get in the way of asking for help. We're all in this together and we're here for you. So please email us at and let us know how we can minister to you or a neighbor of yours that's in need.

EASTER: Regardless of whatever day we come together, that Sunday will be our Easter Sunday. We will celebrate like never before! We'll worship, have communion together, hug lots of necks, and enjoy a potluck lunch after Sunday's service to fellowship. 

WATCH: In the meantime, please make sure you're checking out our services online. The link to watch live is FriendshipChurch.Online.Church. Some people have reported issues, so you can also watch the services on our YouTube Channel.

COMMENT/SHARE: Make sure to comment, send any questions to and SHARE the video links with friends. Our messages have been viewed all over the country (and in some foreign countries by our missionaries). Truly, the Gospel is being preached around the whole world now that the church has been deployed! 

DEVOTIONS: Starting April 1, Pastor Jason will be live streaming a devotional every Wednesday night on our church's Facebook page. Each week, he'll cover a chapter from Philippians, one of Paul's "Prison Epistles" in a series called "Finding Joy in Quarantine." I think it would be perfect for our current situation, whether you're dealing with a mental or emotional prison of quarantined life. So go ahead and read Philippians 1 for Wednesday, April 1 and we'll go live at 7:30pm. You can comment questions during the Livestream! 

YOUTH: Youth services are available via the "Fearless Youth - Richmond" YouTube page and also on the youth social media pages. If you need additional resources of information, email Pastor Vincent at

KIDS MIN: Children's devotionals are available every Sunday morning on our Church's YouTube & Facebook pages. We're also working on providing content for Preschool and Toddler age kids so be looking for updates on that as well. For any questions, Pastor Anna can be reached at

GIVE: You can continue to give to the church online or mail your tithes and offerings to the church address at 4640 Richmond Foster Rd, Richmond, Texas 77406. We greatly appreciate your faithfulness. 

PRAY: Everyday, pray for wisdom for our government leaders. They need to know God's mind and what to do in order to move this country forward. PRAY for doctors, nurses, first responders, and people having to work during this time, putting their own health and safety at risk for others. PRAY also for our missionaries. Some of them have seen their living support drop by 50-60% and they're completely dependent on the donations of churches and individuals. If God lays a missionary on your heart and you have some extra funds to give, let us know and we'll add that to our support for them. Mostly, be praying for their protection and provision. 

LOVE: Make sure to season your online & in-person communication with love. These are fearful days for people & some have lost loved ones due to this virus. Jesus didn't say the world would know we're His disciples through our political affiliations, our personal opinions, or our conspiracy theories. He said that the world would know we're His disciples through the love we have for one another. So let's allow love to be what we communicate to our neighbors & let's be Good Samaritans when we see people in need. 

Looking Forward,

Pastor Jason Frazier



Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Friendship Church Family,

By now, you've probably gotten emails from everyone who has your email address about what they're doing during this new era of COVID-19. I'll keep this brief, but we do want to update you on the changes we're making here at Friendship.

1. CANCEL: We have canceled all activities and services until 3/29. Things are changing so rapidly, we will continue to monitor the situation and will update you accordingly. We encourage you to get your news on this issue from the experts at the Centers for Disease Control ( instead of mainstream media outlets who, for ratings, like to fan the flames of fear. 

2. PRAY: Pray for God to intervene and for the plague to stop. Pray for your family & neighbors, especially those who may be susceptible to infection, that God would keep disease far from them. Pray for our local, state, and federal government for God's wisdom to know how to handle this the best way. Pray for our nation to turn to God in this time of crisis. Pray for peace, wisdom, and opportunities to responsibly demonstrate God's love through our actions. 

3. WORSHIP: We will record a Sunday morning service for adults. This service will be available online Sunday at 10:30am at  You can share the link with friends on your mobile devices or on your Facebook page. In this time of fear, a message of hope can be what some people desperately need. So watch the service and SHARE! We will also be posting youth and kids content on our social media channels. 

4. BE THE CHURCH. Check on your neighbors, especially anyone that you know is a shut-in, elderly, infirmed, or has special needs. If you have something they need & you can spare, love your neighbor by demonstrating acts of service and generosity. If you order food, tip generously if you can. Many small businesses are already feeling the pinch and it might only get worse, so look after each other & help as you can.

5. GIVE: You are able to give at our church website: or by texting "Friendship" to 76959 and a link will pop up for you to give. If you pay by check, you can mail your checks to the church office: 4640 Richmond Foster Rd, Richmond, TX 77406. Thank you for your generosity and faithfulness. If you're ordering supplies from Amazon, make sure to use the link and specify Friendship Church Assembly of God as your chosen charity. Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the church & it won't cost you anything extra. 

6. CLEAN: Everything here at the church facility is being sanitized. If it can be touched, it probably was and we're cleaning it. That way, everything will be clean for when things return to normal. Once that is complete, the church office will be shutting down and many of the church employees will work remotely or only be at the office to complete tasks that can only be done here. 

7. CONTACT: If you need to reach us, do so via email. Our contact info is below:

General Inquiries: 

Youth Ministry:

Kids Ministry:


Media/Online Ministry/Communications:

Senior Pastor:


We love you. We are praying for you. We are here for you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help. We're all in this together.


Pastor Jason Frazier

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Friendship Church Family, 

Undoubtedly, you are all well aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. It has been in the news headlines for some time now. For many, the spread of this virus has caused fear and anxiety. Scripture, however, reminds us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.

While I feel strongly that as Christ-followers we should avoid being overcome by panic and fear, it is also important to implement wise and precautionary measures to keep us safe.

I want you to know that the leadership here at Friendship Church has been closely monitoring the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and globally.

At this time, Friendship Church will continue to provide our usual 9:00am Sunday School & 10:30am service, as well as, our regular weekly activities. If this changes, we will inform the congregation accordingly.

A top priority is the safety and the well-being of our guests and team members. We recognize and understand that you all may have concerns about the coronavirus; therefore, I want to update you on everything that we are doing to provide a safe environment for you, your family, and our team members.

First, we are closely monitoring the latest developments and following the guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the meantime, we are taking the following precautions and recommend you do so as well:

To minimize your need to touch door handles, our greeters will hold exterior doors open to greet you.

We offer the option of giving your tithes and offerings online. As well, in lieu of passing the offering bags, we will have the ushers with offering bags positioned at the doors of the Sanctuary entrance. We encourage you to use our online options at This is a great opportunity to set up recurring giving to make your regular giving easier.

When/if we have a time of greeting during services, we recommend you greet each other with smiles and waves instead of handshakes. If you prefer not to participate in greeting others, feel free to remain seated.

Volunteers will wipe down check-in surfaces and all areas/toys in all the kids rooms with disinfectant wipes. We are also making hand sanitizer more available when possible, throughout our building (this is dependent upon availability of hand sanitizer in our local area).

If you grab a donut before service, use a napkin to select your donut. If you touch one, it becomes yours so please only touch one, so others can enjoy.

If you find yourself feeling sick, we encourage you to stay home and worship with your family. We currently do not have live streaming options, but we are working towards that end.

Our sermons are also available for listening throughout the week by visiting

We encourage you to take some time to understand proper prevention measures to avoid spreading the virus by reading through the CDC recommendations here. For additional information about COVID-19, please read the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control at, or the local health department website

Here are some of the basic measures listed on the CDC website:
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Stay home when you are sick.
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if your hands are visibly dirty.

According to the CDC - Older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19. People who are at higher risk are encouraged to take the precaution of avoiding crowds as much as possible.

We will provide necessary updates to you via email and post them on our social media. I ask that you continue to pray for our world, our country, our city, and specifically for those who are directly impacted by this virus.

Never forget - our God is bigger than anything we will ever face. 

Looking forward,
Pastor Jason Frazier

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